Getting to camp


The campsite is located at 5308 Putty Rd, Colo Heights.

It is about 45min past Windsor, North West of Sydney, and if you Google map search “Rally school Colo” it comes up (they hire the same ares).

Our entrance is approximately 500m to the south of the Rally school directions.

There will be plenty of signs.

Upon arrival there will be a waiting area on the left hand side of the road.  Please ensure you pull in here and follow the direction of marshals as we do not want to block any part of the main road.

To make thins very easy at check in you will not need to get out of your car.

Please ensure you have 2 documents ready to enter.

E1 form filled out 

Drug and Alcohol Policy – Signed at the bottom

For every person who has these already done, there will be a prize.  It saves everyone time and makes things much smoother.

Motorsport documentation will happen on the Friday night and Saturday morning in the pit area as this will not affect all campers.