Motorsport Information

Greetings Roves, thank you for showing interest in the 2018 Dirt and Dust Challenge to be run on the October long weekend 2018 (28 Sept-1 Oct).

The event will be celebrating 100 years of Rovering and bringing motorsport events back to NSW after quite a number of years.

In this document we will try to make the requirements for the motorsport event as easy to understand as possible in 2 sections, entrant eligibility, vehicle eligibility.

Entrant eligibility.

In short you need:

                A moot entry ticket $80 (fully catered weekend)

                A CAMS license $80 (valid for 1 year, apply minimum 3 weeks before the event)

                A motorsport event entry ticket $40 (including 2 day membership to Thornleigh Car Club)

In more detailed explanation.

Moot entry.

To enter the motorsport event you will need to purchase a moot entry ticket, $80 per person which includes full catering from Saturday breakfast to Monday lunch.  You will need to bring a mess kit for yourself and cleaning up facilities will be made available.  This ticket also covers you for all the activities, entertainment and excitement for the whole weekend.

CAMS license

A minimum of CAMS level 2 non speed licence (L2NS) $80.  This licence is valid for 1 year from date of purchase and will enable you to compete in Motorkhana and Khanacross events with any club in Australia.  If you already have a CAMS license you need to ensure it is valid up until at least the 30th September 2018.

CAMS have many different license levels, a non-speed license being one of the cheapest, which enable you to compete in different events.

Although this does seem like a large cost for a license, there are plenty of other events held throughout the year in which you can use it at.  If successful, we hope that Rover motorsport events will make a return to NSW with regular events to allow for friendly competition and encouraging learning car control techniques.

CAMS license documents can be downloaded from the link below.  Print this off, fill it out and send it into CAMS.
You must apply for this license a minimum of 3 weeks before the event.  CAMS usually take around 2 weeks to process a license or an urgent fee of an extra $80 will apply…please don’t let this happen to you.

The license fee is $90 on the form, this includes a $10 donation to the Australian Institute of Motorsport Safety.  If you do NOT want to contribute, tick the box on the top of pg2.

Follow the instructions, it’s a pretty easy form.

Note: write “Thornleigh Car Club – NSW” as your club on the bottom of pg1, unless you are a member of another car club.
Note 2: The 30 day temporary license at the bottom of pg5 does not get you out of applying for a full 1 year license.

 If you need help filling out the form please contact Matthew Rath 0415 525 534.  Crew visits can be arranged for mass filling out.

Motorsport event entry.

A motorsport event entry ticket is $40 per driver, though we are working to make this cheaper.  Every event costs different amounts depending on the style of event and where it is held.  Most Khanacross/motorkhana events are around $50-70 per event depending on who is organizing the event, where it is being held and permits that need to be purchased.  The cost of this event has been discounted to encourage Rovers to have a go at motorsport and enjoy themselves a bit.  The entry allows the driver to attempt each of the 8 courses (providing your car survives and your team mates don’t break it).  Each of the courses will be up to 2km in length and will be timed.  Times will be added up and winners will be determined based on minimum cumulative time elapsed over all tracks.  Prizes and trophies will be awarded to fastest driver of each category as well as each test.

Note: Normally a car club membership is required for events and this is usually a separate cost of approx $50-60 per year depending on the club, though to save this cost each entry ticket will include 2 day membership to Thornleigh Car Club.  If drivers wish to use their CAMS license at other events they will need to purchase a club membership from a club of their choice.  As an example Thornleigh Car Club’s fees are $60 per calendar year, though for first time members signing up after the 1st July, membership until the following December (up to 18months) will be given as a one off.

Vehicle eligibility.

In short:

                Mudbash in Victoria runs extra rules than what are actually required for our event.

                You don’t need to build a race car, you daily driver could be entered.

                No massive modification needed to any cars.

                You must have a helmet as a driver.

                You must have a 1kg (minimum) fire extinguisher in the car.

                You must have a secondary locking mechanism on the bonnet.

                You do NOT need a roll cage (if you have one though that’s great).

                You do NOT need a racing harness….though this is highly recommended as a safety addition.

                The car for Dirt and Dust will need extra work to be eligible for Mudbash.

Firstly this event is being run to the national Autotest code.  The event type is a Khanacross under a club permit which requires minimal modification to vehicles.

Before you get overwhelmed with these regulations, vehicle scrutineers are available to come and look at your vehicle and advise you what needs to be done to it before it can race.  To arrange an inspection (after you have read through these requirements) please contact Matthew Rath 0415 525 534

All vehicles must comply with CAMS Schedule A and B.
Worth reading through is Schedule D (apparel including helmets), I (safety harnesses and window nets) and J (Roll cages, if you want one)

The full regulations can be found at the link below.

The different schedules outline the requirements for different cars in different categories.  It can get a bit confusing when reading so I will outline the simple points.

Schedule A & B are the rules for each car.  Your vehicle must comply with each of these points.

Schedule D – apparel and helmets.  On the third page (also pg65) there is table 2.5.  This event is being run under the Khanacross rules and is a “Club” style event.  Each of the categories in this table, helmets and clothing, refer to the 2 pages which follow.  For most of the tables it will be “Not mandatory”.  This means you can still go above this if you wish.

The helmet is the most important in this table and MUST comply to the B regulations in the table 3.1 this refers to the standards and type of helmet.  Please don’t bring a crap old helmet to race, this is your head and brains it is protecting.

Schedule I – Safety harnesses and window nets.  On the third page (also p77) it notes Khanacross as type C lap sash belt.  This is what your normal seat belt is (even has a picture).  Although not needed, we do highly recommend installing a 4 or 5 point harness.  DO NOT BUY FROM EBAY!!!! I cannot stress this enough, as a lot of sellers are offloading fake products which have been known to fail.  There are a few places around to purchase harnesses (which include eyebolts to screw into the existing seat belt mounts) such as V-Sport at Arndell Park near Blacktown or Revolution Racegear at Auburn.

If you are mounting harnesses, please refer to the picture below the table on the third page (also p77) which refers to the allowable angles for harnesses.

Schedule J – Safety cage structures are required for multiple forms of motorsport.  If you are entering a regular car in a Khanacross you do not need a cage, though it is recommended as a safety modification.  If you want to build a cage it is important that you read the regulations for the other events you may want to enter the car in.  Non speed events do not require a safety cage, unless you are building a “special” which is pretty much similar to a gokart.

You can enter any car you like (eg below)