Rovering 100

Rovering 100 is a world wide celebration acknowledging the Rover section and its involvement in the movement for the past 100 years.

All over the world, countries will be celebrating in their own way.

In Australia each state will be having a camp to celebrate the awesomeness that is Rovering.

NSW Dirt and Dust Challenge is working in partnership with the Rovering 100 committee to bring you an amazing weekend full of adventure, friendships, team work, challenges and of course a bit of a party.

We would like your input though.

We are asking for Rovers to let us know what their favourite past moot activity is or their favourite activity they have done at a weekly meeting.  The best selections will be added to our program so everyone can share in the fun.  We will also be including some activities that were run well before your time in Rovers and games you may not have played since cubs.

More information to come.