Current registered Rovers and Ex-Rovers (on application) are able to attend this event.

Click Here to register for NSW Dirt N Dust Challenge 2018.

To be eligible to attend  Rovers must have completed all current online training (Bullying, Child Safe & WHS) and be financial with the movement.

If Ex-Rovers wish to attend as staff or enter a car for competition, a written application (email is ok) must be sent by each person (no group applications) to the moot chief, Graham Madden and cc’ed Matthew Rath.  Together with this any Ex-Rovers must have completed the online training modules (Bullying, Child Safe and WHS) and be either a financial member (eg: leader or fellowship) or be registered as a current Adult Helper (A2 form on Scouts NSW website).  Ex Rovers must pre-purchase a ticket and any Ex-Rovers who turn up at the gate will be sent away.  This is in accordance with NSW Branch rules.  If you have any questions please send us an email.

There are 4 types of tickets for the weekend; Presale fully catered, Presale partially catered, late/at the gate partially catered and optional Motorsport entry.

When you register you will be emailed a unique registration number.

This registration number and your surname must be included on all electronic transfer transactions.

Keep a screenshot or copy of the receipt just in case we cannot line up your payments.

Electronic bank transfer or cash sales only, so these are the final prices (no credit card fees).

Click Here to register for NSW Dirt N Dust Challenge 2018.

Please note any person with dietary requirements MUST purchase a presale ticket AND email their requirements to [email protected]

We want to effectively cater for everyone’s needs and we don’t want to stress our catering team out at the last minute.

Bank details for Moot:

Name of account – NSW BRC Special Activities

BSB – 032 188
Acc -180838

Reference  – DnD then your individual registration number & surname.  If your surname doesn’t fit, write as much as you can.

Eg: DnD 001 Rath

Presale fully catered – $80

All meals included Saturday breakfast – Monday lunch.

Must be reserved by midnight Sunday 16th September.  Full payment by midnight Wednesday 19th September.

Menu to be posted at least one month out from event.

Presale partially catered – $55

Includes Saturday and Sunday dinner.

Must be reserved by midnight Sunday 16th September.  Full payment by midnight Wednesday 19th September.

Dinner menu to be posted at least one month out from event.

Late/at the gate partially catered – $65

Includes Saturday and Sunday dinner.

These are any tickets purchased on or after Monday 10th September.

If you turn up at the gate, cash only.

No electronic transactions will be able to be viewed after Wednesday 26th September.

Optional Motorsport

Bank details for Motorsport:

Name of Account – Thornleigh Car Club Inc.

BSB – 112 879

Acc – 039595030

Reference – DnD then your individual registration number & surname

Eg – DnD 001 Rath

Motorsport entry per person – $40

Includes 2 day membership to Thornleigh Car Club and at least 8 racing tracks.

Entry must be reserved by Monday 24th September, full payment per person must be received by Wednesday 26th September.

CAMS licence – $80
Not paid for through moot

Valid for 12 months from date of purchase

Must be applied for directly to CAMS at least 3 weeks before the event.

No licence available for purchase on the day.

This licence is a requirement for any motorsport event and will allow you entry into other events over the course of the year.

Note: It says $90 for an L2NS, though if you choose you can deduct the $10 donation to the AIMSS to reduce this to $80.

If you have any questions regarding the motorsport event please contact Matt Rath at [email protected] or on 0415 525 534.